welcome to Highbury Congregational Church, Cheltenham
a place to share Christian friendship, explore Christian faith
and enter into Christian mission with Christ at the centre and open to all.
Sunday Services
a short course
Faith in the World
a look at the way the Christian Faith went global and what it means to be a global faith in a diverse world today.

4th July  - a Craft evening - come along and explore your own creativity!

13th June 6-00 at Francis Close Chapel, the University
God, Science, and Faith: Richard Dawkins vs CS Lewis on the Meaning of Life
One of the world's most respected Christian theologians, Alister McGrath presents this year's Cathedral Lecture.
Please contact the church to get tickets

20th June
Faith in the World
A Celebration of 40 years of CWM and a mission partnership going back to 1795

27th June and 11th July
Faith in Music
two evenings with Richard Sharpe and an opportunity to sing together

Community Cafe - Thursdays 10-00 to 11-30

Lunch - 2nd Wednesday 12-30

For children, families and young people

Sundays at 10-30
Next Messy Church - 20th June
Family Film Club
Hy-Tec on Sunday evenings
Hy-Speed - digital scalextric
Beavers, Cubs, Scouts, Brownies, Guides

For more information see our current calendar (pdf)

For more information about the church 
phone 01242 522050
email admin@highburychurch.co.uk

for room bookings
phone 01242 520522

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