welcome to Highbury Congregational Church, Cheltenham
a place to share Christian friendship, explore Christian faith
and enter into Christian mission with Christ at the centre and open to all.
Sunday Services
10-30 and 6-30

Christian Arts Festival 22nd April to 7th May

Events at Highbury


French Film with Sub-Titles
Certificate 12

Tuesday, 25th April 7-30 pm

Art has the capacity to inspire and to challenge. But does it have the capacity to change things? In The Russian Ark (shown at last year's Festival) Alexander Sokurov took us through the Hermitage Museum on a journey through Russian history and European Art that came to an end on the eve of the Russian Revolution. In his recently released Francofonia Alexander Sokurov accompanies us through the Louvre in 1940 Paris as France is occupied. He describes his masterpiece as ‘an elegy for Europe’: it is very much a meditation for our times on art and its capacity to inspire and to challenge in a war-torn world. In French with English subtitles. Certificate 12. Tuesday, 25th April 7-30.

Art at Highbury
an Exhibition of works created at Highbury
Preview - Friday 28th  7-00 pm
(we will be hanging pictures on Thursday morning
from 10-00 while coffee and cakes are served in our Cafe)

Felt Making Workshop Saturday 29th April 2-00 to 4-00
Wool fibres have unique properties which have been used for centuries as felt, in clothing and for many other purposes. Using warm water, pressure and a little friction the fibres can be bonded together to make a fabric. It is easy and fun to make with often surprising and beautiful results.
We have not offered free tickets up until today (6 April 2017} as we were opening this workshop up on a ‘first come first serve’ basis. As from today we are allocating 10 free places through Ticket Tailor. At least 10 other people so far have expressed an interest in coming along so we are concerned the event may become oversubscribed on the day if we don’t monitor the event more closely and allow interested parties to reserve places.
There are only 20 places available so we hope that those who have already made an enquiry and those now reserving places will make up the right number!
Apologies if there is any disappointment on the day.
Donations at the Event.

I Daniel Blake
Tuesday 2nd May 7-30
Certificate 15

It’s one thing for the churches of Cheltenham to support the town’s food banks. Is that, however, enough of a response to a system that has in a short space of time made so many people in our society dependent on those foodbanks? When Ken Loach’s film, Cathy Come Home was shown on prime-time TV it resulted in the creation of Shelter and reforms to housing policy. Fifty years on, Ken Loach’s I, Daniel Blake tells an equally powerful story that gives an insight into the failings of our social system today: it cries out to be seen and then for something to be done. Certificate 15 Tuesday, 2nd May 7-30.

Explore - Tuesday evenings
a short course later in the summer
Faith in the World
a look at the way the Christian Faith went global and what it means to be a global faith in a diverse world today.

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